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How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost?

Residential window tinting isn’t as trendy as car window tinting. Most people prefer to tint their cars because it helps to protect the skin from sun damage while driving. However, the benefits of residential window tinting are higher than that of a car tint. Even better, the average cost of tinting a window is not that high and you can actually install a window tinting film by yourself without professional assistance.

Installing a window tinting film with or without professional help requires so many things to consider and some are;

  1. Knowing the laws of your state regarding window tinting
  2. Using the right quality of window films in order to avoid bubbles
  3. Determining your window tint budget
  4. Knowing the kind of view your home window tints will give you

And so forth.


The Prices of Window Tinting

In most window projects, window tinting requires few materials for installation. It may also take time depending on the number of windows you would want to tint and other circumstances like the weather. However, window tinting is relatively a quick process. If you are planning on tinting your windows by yourself, then you can estimate an amount between $2-$4. If you hire a professional from a tinting company, then you will have to estimate an amount of $5-$8. In most American homes, over $600 is spent on window tinting installation projects.


The Prices of Car Window Tinting

Like stated earlier, most people would rather tint their cars other than their houses. However, if you wish to tint the windows of your car, then you should be estimating an amount of $100 – $200 for primary tints. Using quality car window tinting films can cost generally cost an amount of $100-$500 which will cover the entire glass windows of your automobile.

So if you are wondering how much does window tinting cost? You should be budgeting for an average range of $385 to $665.


Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional window contractor?

When it comes to window tinting, your house would look more attractive if applied properly without any mistake. Fortunately, you can easily install a window tinting film without any professional help. Most American homeowners would prefer to do it on their own in order to save cost.

Nevertheless, it is better to seek professional assistance from a tinting company. Giving it a professional touch would avoid any flaw on the dimensions of your home windows.

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