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Tips for Removing Window Tint Bubbles

People do love to drive cars and have their own houses. Also, having them tinted for safety measures against harmful sun-rays. Getting your car windows tinted is very necessary because of the tinting benefits it gives such as blocking sun glares, preventing ultraviolet heat and so forth. However, there are some issues concerned with tinting a car or house window and that is how to remove bubbles from your tinted window.

Below are the few tips to remove window tint bubbles;

  1. If you own a tinted car and you discover bubbles on your windows. One of the effective ways to remove those bubbles is by parking your car in the sun to keep the windows warm. In a situation where the weather isn’t warm enough to remove the bubbles from your windows, you can actually get a hair dryer to warm the surface.


  1. The next step is to mist the tinted windows with room-temperature water in order to moisten the surface but do not soak the whole window.


  1. After following the second step, you will use a tiny straight pin and poke a tiny hole in each bubble on the surface of the window. The holes should be tiny and you need to be careful enough to avoid tripping the tint film.


  1. Once your tinted windows are warm and damp. Then you can use a straight edge like your credit card to carefully smooth out the bubbles on your windows. This process should be done slowly in order to avoid damaging your tint films.


  1. You can also check if there are any little tint bubbles left on the surface of your car window by using a lint-free cloth.


What Causes Tint Bubbles?

If there are water droplets present when applying a window tinting film, they can cause bubbles to form. It takes about 15 days for these bubbles to evaporate but if evaporation does not take place within that time frame, then it shows bad signs of poor tinting installation.  There can also be air bubbles too, and to prevent those, you would have to seek professional assistance from a tinting company.

Another thing that causes bubbles to form is when your window is dirty. Someone who doesn’t know how to install a window tinting film may not clean the surface of your car window properly before beginning the process. Getting a professional to do the job for you is highly recommendable. On the other hand, bubbles may also form if the window tint has worn out and the adhesive starts to fail.


Preventing Window Bubbles

Why wait till when bubbles start to form on your tinted windows before taking remedies? There are many safety measures to follow in order to prevent the formation of bubbles on your tinted windows.

  • Pick the perfect quality of tinting films for your windows!
  • Make sure to always hire a professional from a tinting company
  • Use the right cleaning products for your tinted windows(avoid the use of vinegar to clean your windows)
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