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Types of Window Tint Films and Why They Matter

Dyed Window Film

  • cost
  • appearance


  • turns purple after long UV exposure
  • can separate
  • can bubble, effectively ruining your car windows

Description: Dyed window film is the most basic type of window tint, and one that low quality tinters rely on to make their quick, cheap sale. Unknowing customers may like the immediate aesthetic at first, only to realize a year later they received a cheap quality service. Dyed window film is preferred by some people for the ability to block up to 50% of light and its flat and opaque look.

Our Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED due to intense California heat and long summers. Fresno Window Tinting Company does carry a dyed window film option for you cheapskates out there.

Metallized Window Film

  • heat control
  • effective at blocking UV rays
  • durable, shatter resistant
  • reduce glare


  • can interfere with radio technology—built in car monitors and cell phones
  • shiny appearance
  • more expensive

Description: Metallized Window Film consists of several layers- one layer to block UV radiation, one to reflect heat and sunlight, darkening the window, and a final layer to prevent scratches. This type of tinting blocks out most light and is extremely shatter resistant. But unfortunately it can interfere with radio signals including your tire pressure monitoring system, GPS, etc.

Our Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED, could potentially be dangerous and hazardous!

Ceramic window Film

  • blocks heat effectively
  • blocks UV rays
  • blocks light glare  well
  • does not fade with time
  • radio signals can pass through
  • not shiny and reflective


  • cost

Description: The best and highest quality window tint material. This recent phenomenon in the market is the reason we get the highest customer satisfaction ratings. With its ability to block out heat, you can save money by reducing your AC settings in your car. You won’t regret having ceramic window tint professionally installed by our company. We use the highest quality QDP ceramic films from Global Window Films, which is the #1 time tested film in the world.

Our Verdict: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the longevity, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Are you looking to treat your car to a luxurious window tinting service? Only the most qualified customers realize the importance of ceramic window tinting. Select Fresno Window Tinting Company today to get a sneak peak at this exclusive club. 

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